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By Environ

September 8, 2014

In our R&D, we have designed & developed an Aerator with Dual Impeller, which can offer the results up to 6mtrs.Aeration Tank Depth. In this Aerator Impeller, we have provided one Impeller at Top, which transfers the Oxygen & the second Impeller is provided at the bottom (Mixer), which works as a mixer, by providing the Impeller at the Bottom, there will be no settlement at the floor level of the Aeration Tank. Secondly, as the mixer is provided at the bottom, the mixing efficiency is increased due to which the Oxygen Transfer Rate increases & the required HP is reduced, hence Energy Saving. We are first, in India to introduce ENERGY EFFICIENT AERATORS, which works up to 6Mtrs. SWD, it is purely an INDIAN TECHNOLOGY having very simple & low maintenance assembly. These Aerators offers an excellent opportunity to reduce the operating energy cost. This is possible in ENVIRON Aerators, as we are providing additional features in our Aerators:

Special Features:

1) Fabricated & machined Base Frame for 5HP to 15HP ratings & for 20HP & above Heavy ISMB Beam Base is provided. So, vibrations are lessened & again the Base is machined on the Top Surface on Heavy Duty Lathe, so the life of the Gearbox is increased. (we are the only mfg. in India to provide this feature).

2) Cantilevered load reaction is passed through additional bearings & housing to Bottom of the Beam Base & to RCC platform. So, gear is not at all affected by overhung load. So life of the gearbox is increased.

3) Additional Bearing Support is provided to the Aerator Shaft, so the unbalanced cantilevered loads are NOT passed to the output shaft of the Gearbox, but those loads are taken by TWO EXTRA bearings & housing. So, life of the Gearbox is increased. (no other mfg. inIndia are providing this feature).

4) Amply designed MS FULLY MACHINED Solid Shaft to take care of heavy cantilevered, unbalanced,& torsional loads, supported on Two numbers heavy duty antifriction bearings housed in heavy duty cast iron bearing housing. Since, Shaft is fully machined, No possibility of VOUBLING of Shaft concentric running of Impeller is ensured. (No other mfg. in India are providing this feature) N.B.: Tubular Shaft in Aerators with Helical Gears are provided.

5) Impeller is designed as single shrouded pump Impeller to achieve maximum Oxygen Transfer & Mixing efficiency. Being a Semi open type Impeller, it has got a very valuable features of self cleaning. Hence practically zero maintenance is required for the Impeller. Secondly, the Impeller is machined at centre for its concentric running. (We are the only mfg. in India to offer this feature).

Due to conical Impeller & solid MS Shaft, CG lies nearer to centre, so less impact loading.

6) NEW GENERATION of EEEA having the special unique feature of Additional Impeller at the Bottom for better mixing at the floor level of Aeration Tank having total tank Water Depth upto 5.5m. Due to which the Oxygen Transfer Efficiency of the Impeller is increased & hence with lesser HP more Oxygen Transfer is achieved. Secondly, less area is required due to water depth of 5.5m. civil construction cost & the space required will be less hence economical.

7) (Premium) Greaves Worm reduction Gears (or helical gears only if asked for) having suitable service factor are offered. Secondly, maintenance of the gearbox is minimal & handling is easier, as the extra Bearings are provided to the Impeller Shaft. Spares of the worm gearbox are also easily available at comparatively lower cost.

8) Motors of Crompton / ABB / Siemens are offered.

9) Jaw type coupling of standard make are provided.